Advanced Basement Solutions of Connecticut offers basement waterproofing and drainage services to home owners and commercial facilities throughout Connecticut. We possess the experience and capabilities to complete your basement waterproofing or drainage project on-time and within your desired specifications and budget. Whether you require sealing, drainage systems, or sump pump installation, Advanced Basement Solutions offers full-service options for protecting your basement from water, including:

Basement Waterproofing

We’ll inspect your basement for areas where moisture is seeping through. Then we’ll remedy the problem with a combination of solutions ranging from sump pumps to complete drainage systems and moisture barriers. Advanced Basement Solutions of Connecticut will remove all traces of moisture, prevent future infiltration, and provide you with safe, dry basement – and peace of mind.

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Drainage Solutions

The best way to fight basement leaks and serious foundation damage is to prevent them with an effective drainage system. Attempts to hold water back using conventional measures and coatings have a high failure rate. Drainage systems based on the old drain tile system have inherent problems with silting and clogging. It is a simple truth that no matter how good the materials or workmanship, many old (and new) structures are simply too weak or too flexible for this approach to work in the face of water pressure.

We use our “Advanced Solution” water drainage approach, which is a very simple yet diversified method of dealing with each and every situation. We are well-versed in the many options homeowners have when it comes to installing drainage solutions and can customize an installation to suit your budget and requirements. Contact us today to receive a no-cost assessment of your property, and allow us to implement reliable, cost-effective options for you and your family.

Humidity Control

Wet basements cause humidity. A dehumidifier is mostly a household appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air, usually for health reasons, as humid air can cause mold and mildew to grow inside homes, which has various health risks. Relative humidity is preferably 30 to 50%. High humidity levels cause condensation making it hard to dry laundry or sleep. High Humidity also attracts insects – clothes moths, fleas and cockroaches. Let us furnish you a quote on a whole house dehumidifier for your home.

Sump Pumps, Alarms, & Battery Backups

We are experts at installing Sump Pumps. A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump pit, commonly found in the basement of homes. Water may enter via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system, funneling into the pit or because of rain or natural ground water, if the basement is below the water table level. Sump pumps are used where basement flooding happens regularly and to remedy dampness where the water table is above the foundation of a home. Sump pumps send water away from a house to any place where it is no longer problematic, such as a municipal storm drain or a dry well. Since a sump pit may overflow if not constantly pumped, a backup system is important for cases when the main power is out for prolonged periods of time. Whether it’s crawl space or basement waterproofing, sump pumps can prove to be invaluable.

Crawl Space Solutions

Our basement waterproofing company does more than just protect the living areas of your residential or commercial property, we also can help you improve indoor air quality and beat structural damage with professional crawl space waterproofing services. Our trained specialists can identify issues such as small leaks, condensation, and mold accumulation, by analyzing your crawlspace with a detailed inspection. We can then implement a system that is designed to seal your crawl space off, insulating it from harmful elements.