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Advanced Basement Solutions offers expert sewer line repair and replacement services, which involve the inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement of sewer lines, which are underground pipes that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the municipal sewer system or septic tank. Our services are essential to ensure proper functioning of the sewer system and to address issues that may arise due to damage, blockages, or deterioration of the sewer lines. Here’s a breakdown of these services:

  1. Inspection: Sewer line inspection is typically performed using specialized cameras that are inserted into the sewer pipes. This allows us to visually assess the condition of the pipes, identify blockages, leaks, or structural issues, and determine the overall health of the sewer system.
  2. Cleaning: Sewer lines can become clogged with debris, grease, roots, or other materials over time. Cleaning involves using various techniques such as hydro-jetting or mechanical augers to remove blockages and restore proper flow within the pipes.
  3. Repair: If the inspection reveals minor damage or leaks in the sewer lines, repair services may be employed. Common repair methods include trenchless technologies like pipe lining or pipe bursting, which allow for repairs without extensive excavation. In some cases, traditional excavation may be necessary for more extensive repairs.
  4. Replacement: In cases where sewer lines are severely damaged, deteriorated, or have multiple issues that cannot be effectively repaired, replacement may be the best option. Replacement involves removing the old sewer pipes and installing new ones. Trenchless methods, such as pipe bursting or pipe lining, are often preferred as they minimize disruption to landscaping and infrastructure.
  5. Root Intrusion Removal: Tree roots seeking water and nutrients can infiltrate sewer lines, causing blockages and damage. We may use cutting or chemical treatments to remove or prevent root intrusion.
  6. Sewer Line Relining: This is a trenchless method where a flexible, resin-coated lining is inserted into the existing sewer pipe. Once the lining is cured, it forms a new, durable inner pipe that seals leaks and prevents further damage.
  7. Permitting and Compliance: Sewer line repair and replacement often require obtaining permits from local authorities. Professional services may include assistance with the permitting process and ensuring that the work complies with local regulations.

Sewer line repair and replacement services by Advanced Basement Solutions are critical to maintaining a functional and sanitary wastewater disposal system. It’s important to address sewer line issues promptly to prevent further damage, environmental contamination, and potential health hazards. Hiring our experienced professionals is crucial for proper diagnosis, efficient repairs, and compliance with local regulations.

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