Water main repair and replacement services in Fairfield, CT by Advanced Basement Solutions are critical for addressing issues with the primary water supply line that connects a property to the municipal water system. Problems with the water main can lead to disruptions in water supply, leaks, and potential damage to property. Here’s an overview of these services:

Water Main Repair Services in Fairfield, CT:

  1. Identification of Issues:
    • Leak Detection: Our professional technicians use various methods, including pressure tests and acoustic devices, to identify leaks in the water main.
    • Video Inspection: Cameras may be used to inspect the interior of the water main and identify blockages or structural issues.
  2. Excavation and Access:
    • Digging Trenches: Excavation is often required to access the water main for repairs.
    • Temporary Water Supply: If necessary, arrangements may be made for a temporary water supply during the repair process.
  3. Repair Techniques:
    • Pipe Patching: Small leaks or cracks may be patched using specialized materials.
    • Clamp or Sleeve Repairs: For localized damage, clamps or sleeves may be installed to reinforce the damaged section.
  4. Valve and Hydrant Repair:
    • Valve Inspection and Repair: Ensure that valves along the water main are functioning properly.
    • Hydrant Inspection and Maintenance: If applicable, hydrants may be inspected and maintained.
  5. Pressure Testing:
    • Testing System Integrity: After repairs, the water main is often pressure tested to ensure the integrity of the system.

Water Main Replacement Services in Fairfield, CT:

  1. Assessment and Planning:
    • System Evaluation: A comprehensive assessment is conducted to determine the need for water main replacement.
    • Design Planning: We design the replacement system, considering factors such as pipe material, diameter, and route.
  2. Permitting:
    • Obtaining Permits: Necessary permits from local authorities are obtained for the replacement project.
  3. Excavation and Removal:
    • Trench Excavation: The existing water main is excavated and removed.
    • Disposal: Disposal of the old pipes in accordance with local regulations.
  4. New Pipe Installation:
    • Pipe Material: Installation of new pipes, typically using materials such as PVC, ductile iron, or HDPE, depending on local codes and project requirements.
    • Connection to Main Supply: Connection of the new water main to the municipal water supply.
  5. Backfilling and Compaction:
    • Backfilling Trenches: Once the new water main is in place, trenches are backfilled with soil.
    • Compaction: Proper compaction ensures the stability of the soil around the new water main.
  6. Pressure Testing and Flushing:
    • Pressure Testing: The new water main is pressure tested to ensure it meets regulatory standards.
    • Flushing System: Flushing the system to remove any debris and ensure water quality.
  7. Site Restoration:
    • Landscaping: Restoration of the site, including landscaping, to its original condition or as agreed upon in the project plan.

Hiring Water Main Services:

When seeking water main repair and replacement services, consider the following:

  • Experience: Choose a contractor with experience in water main repairs and replacements.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Ensure the contractor is licensed and carries appropriate insurance.
  • Permitting: Confirm that the contractor will obtain necessary permits for the project.
  • References: Request references from previous clients who have had similar work done.
  • Cost Estimate: Obtain a detailed cost estimate that includes all aspects of the repair or replacement project.

By hiring Advanced Basement Solutions of Connecticut, you can ensure the proper assessment, repair, or replacement of your water main, maintaining a reliable and efficient water supply to your property.  We service residential an commercial properties throughout Fairfield County, CT.

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